Croizet VSOP

 60,00 €

Meet Croizet VSOP is the refined embodiment of modernity. This cognac redefines the classic, bringing a fresh perspective to the conservative world of cognac. It was created in line with current design and taste trends to attract the attention of a young and dynamic audience.

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Smooth & Wonderful

The flavour bouquet of Croizet VSOP is a symphony of smoothness and refinement with light and wonderful floral aroma. Notes of ripe fruits, wrapped in sweet accents of vanilla and caramel, make it the ideal choice for those seeking harmony and effortless enjoyment.

Croizet VSOP is the star of the entire Croizet cocktail range. Designed to add elegant and velvety nuances to any cocktail composition, it opens the door to fantastic experiments for professional bartenders and home cocktail enthusiasts.