Croizet XO

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Croizet XO is the masterpiece of the new collection. The name Croizet originates from the French word 'Croix' or cross. With this symbol, the story of the great Croizet family began: they were honoured to mint coins for the Royal Court of France when coins bore only a cross. Hence the well-known saying throughout France: "Where there's Croizet, there's always money".

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Rich & Complex

The rich and complex flavour profile of Croizet XO is the pinnacle of cognac artistry. Notes of noble wood, blended with balanced sweetness, strike with their harmony and depth of taste. Each sip of this drink tells a small story of its many years of ageing in superb oak barrels, which develop the unique character of Croizet XO.

Croizet strongly recommends enjoying Croizet XO neat, immersing in its centuries-old history, and feeling its rich bouquet's nuances. It's a pleasure for true gourmets and connoisseurs, for those who truly appreciate the nobility of taste and the highest craftsmanship passed down through generations.