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Founded in 1805 and located in the most prestigious cognac region of the Grande Champagne, Croizet has always been one of the most progressive and original cognac houses, impressing with its monumental achievements and endurance over the centuries.



Croizet is the culmination of a long-held and cherished dream, born in the sun-kissed vineyards of Grande Champagne, the most prestigious cognac region. Grapes are born where soil and climate merge in perfect harmony, destined to become a first-class drink.



Croizet's worldwide recognition and numerous awards, including three Guinness Book World Records, underline our house's commitment to true excellence and demonstrate its respected status among connoisseurs and critics.


Discover the essence of excellence with our curated collections, where each bottle embodies the rich heritage and unparalleled craftsmanship of Croizet.

What experts
say about CROIZET

Want to throw one back like a billionaire? This bottle of Croizet Cuvée Léonie predates both the French wine blight and the American Civil War. One of a handful of such bottles in existence, the 1858 vintage will be available at New York's Financial District Wine & Liquor in July for $157,000. Its sister bottle from the same batch broke the price record for cognac sold at auction when Hong Kong's Maggie Vong bid 1 million yuan (roughly $156,760) in 2011. The rumor is that Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower tippled this vintage while planning the Normandy invasion. Now you too can quaff Croizet as you lay siege — to your savings, that is.

Jane Lee,

From saving the vineyards of Cognac in 1883 to breaking Guinness World Records in 2011, this is certainly a Cognac House that knows how to make and maintain a name for itself. When it comes to Cognac collections, a bottle of Croizet is one that should take pride of place, not just for its enticing aromas and spectacular palate, but for the history it encapsulates in its eaux-de-vie.

Max von Olfers,

Crafted with exceptional skill and dedication, Cognac Croizet Black Legend embodies the very essence of excellence in cognac production. Its rich, full-bodied flavour and smooth, velvety finish are a testament to the expertise of its creators. So, whether you're a connoisseur or simply love a great glass of cognac, make sure to savour every sip of this outstanding masterpiece.

Jakub Romanowski,

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